Qi Qong - meditation in movement

Cursus – Qi Gong voor beginners

10 februari 2019
09:00 tot 10:15
Yoga Etten-Leur
Bisschopmolenstraat 54-58

Qi Qong - meditation in movementCURSUS – QI GONG VOOR BEGINNERS

Qigong is a traditional moving meditation from China, a mindful dance of peace. It is practiced to harmonise Qi, what yogis call prana, the universal energy. Like vinyasa yoga each slow movement in Qigong is synchronised with the breath to promote cleansing, concentration and clarity of mind. Each graceful movement is designed to gently mobilise the joints, release tension from the muscles and invite emotional balance. Join Arunji and learn the art of moving into stillne

– De Cursus begint zondagochtend 20 januari (9:00 – 10:15 uur). Je kan ook gewoon een losse les uit de cursus volgen.
– De cursus (5 lessen): 50,00 euro. Losse les: 125,50 euro

Arun Eden-Lewis
Arun has been teaching Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi since 2001. With a background as a swimming coach, martial artist and personal trainer his extensive knowledge of the human body goes back 30 years. Arun’s mission is to invite each of his students to explore a deep and intimate relationship with their body and mind, a relationship that cultivates a lasting internal harmony and reveals an effortless freedom of the human spirit. Join him and learn the art of moving into stillness.


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